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>> "the young turks" coming up nixon with explosions and anger. >> all security centers-- [ explosion ] [ sirens ] >> it's going on now. we're going to duck a little bit bit. whoa, there is another one there. you probably can see it. >> the media and israel and everybody under fire here. what's next for israel and hamas? we'll break it down right here. and it's kind of puts our own thanksgiving in perspective, but we will say to you about our thanksgiving attention walmart shoppers. >> the country's biggest retailer may be in for a black friday blackout. walmart workers at 1,000 locations angry that stores are opening at 8:00 a.m. on thanksgiving, thinking about strike. >> when you hear how walmart
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treats their workers, you might fight back also. >> i just wanted to meet you and say he cut me off right away, started shaking his finger in my face, tell your dad not to use my name to make money. >> plus we have an awesome elbow of the day today. we have michael hastings time tricia rose time and now we have go time. >> cenk usinger is taking much needed vacation time but we're continuing the work of the young turks here, and how can we not put the attention towards the mideast where the fighting continues on and on. and here is a report explaining that from abc.
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>> israel continued pounding palestinian targets over gaza launching dozens of new missiles strikes. >> it its incredible tense and we get the impression that a huge amount of effort is being made to try to bring about a cease-fire. >> the egyptian prime minister has presented hamas with a cease-fire saying they're close. the leader of hamas was considerably more defiant in a press conference. we will not accept any israeli conditions he said and we will not stop or any any cease-fire before we achieve our demand. the death toll continues to climb with 100 palestinians now dead. dozens of missiles continue to be launched at israel. [ sirens ] forcing families into shelters. meanwhile israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said their military is prepareing to ramp up
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operations. >> i'm joined by oh professor tricia rose of brown university and buzzfeed's own michael hastings. unfortunately we have to start with somebody as somber as these reports. it seems this is what we've been hearing out of israel, out of the mideast forever. it if starts it stops, it starts it stops. >> i've done stories on this out of libya and they were fearing this fearing roberts and military excursions. >> this is someone reporting from the middle of an attack for for al-jazeera. >> we've been intercepted by the iron dome. you can probably hear the explosion. we should be-- [ explosion ] >> there is another one there. you can probably see it.
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three--we don't know whether they're being intercepted or not. [ sirens ] at this stage. yes, they are. >> of course, this report is coming from israel. the iron dome intercepted that. you know, how do we as a people, tricia, see this again and respond to it from afar, and what--i'm just so numb to it, do you know what i mean? >> it's a horrible situation. the many thing is we need more information than the mainstream news media is giving us on the history of the conflict and who is doing what when. i think it's impossible to react properly without that information. we're being asked to emotionally react without that. >> you're saying information. michael, a lot of what is coming out of this battle for the first time that i really remember, you know that's not true during the arab spring there was a lot of twitter activity. we've seen tweets, and look at
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this the over the internet these things have happened. let's look at this from israel on the way the communications have happened. >> government of israel publicly threatened internet and all communications. they crossed the line in the sand as the former dictator of egypt learned the hard way we are anonymous and no one shuts down the internet on our watch. >> yeah, that's an anonymous reporting these sorts of things. there has been a ton of tweeting. tweeting from israel. we'll show some of those right here. this is a-15. you see adf. 250 terrorists, idf we recognize no hamas leaders show their faces. from hamas you opened hell gates on yourself. these kinds of communication unprecedented. >> military commanders now view
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the internet and the media as a battle space. who controls it, the media to them is the battle station. even our own pentagon is creating twitter where they can put out information. who controls twitter. who controls facebook and internet helps control who wins and who loses. >> a player always when it comes to the middle east east crisis. this is president obama in asia talking about that himself. >> we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. >> i mean, you know, i think the real issue here is israel has a
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right to defend itself, so do other people on earth. the question is how do we respond to everyone's rights to defend themselves. that's the bigger picture. >> i remember interviewing the hamas commander. he had one eye lost one arm and had seven children. this was a few years ago. i asked him what are you going to tell your children? he said i seven children to be martyrs. talk to settlers, who were for an aggressive expansion of israel, they too, seem committed to not peace. >> that's the difference right there. you have two players right there saying i want my children to be martyrs. i don't want my son to be a martyr. you have this happening and you know, it's almost unsolvable from that stan point. >> the digital media--the digital expanse has an opportunity to transform this. to be fair sometimes people say this as part of their political statement. but they say i said that to him
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but i don't want my kids to be martyrs. >> they "walk the walk the walk. >> the wider range of opinions with social media and opinions allows it doesn't guarantee t but it allows it, the pentagon notwithstanding, but the possibility that people can contribute to changing the a small one. that opening ists. andr a we h fiscal co now. you know today president obama was visiting as you know asia, he was at a temple in cambodia, and he said we're going to need a lot of prayer when working on the budget. it's a little bit of a different characterization than what we were talking about earlier. now here is newt gringrich talking about the cliff, and how it might not be such a bad thing if we, in fact, go off that cliff. >> do you think it would be bad to go off off the cliff? >> i think it would be mildly chaotic. this is a gigantic country.
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this country can absorb a lot of mistakes. >> every time you hear newt gringrich sayinging is now it's imperative, but a lot of people saying it's not a cliff, a lot of republicans calling it a fiscal curb. >> because they're driving it us off of it so they call it a curb. i want to go back to the buddhist prayers. buddhist example, i don't know if it, but there is an opportunity there. the ending of sufferrests. >> there is no buddhist like prayer for the budget? where does the president go from here? >> for me, i look at it from the political perspective and this will beest of what did president obama's re-election really mean? how much power does he bring with him? can he negotiate?
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can he come up with some sort of deal. that is acceptable to democrats. >> there is a poll hear saying that about--this is from has must seasonrasmussen. if you know how they did during the election, i don't know if you trust this poll entirely. but 57 percent supported, they were off by 4% in a lot of overestimation in the republican vote. but let's give it 4%. let's say 53% to 39%. it's still high, and the president has momentum on this issue. will he use it? >> who knows. the congress don't seem to care what the people want. there is no relationship between what the people want and congress do every day hopefully he'll use it, but that's no guarantee. >> that's the problem. he has to deal with the congress, but one would suspect
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would be incrementally more cooperative with the president. >> we've seen a backlash of hard line republicans who want to dig in and view the president's election as another reason to stand firm from being dragged to the left. i don't really seeing that happen but it's an non-occurring narrative right now. when we come back we have fancy generals, generals in planes and lear jets and palatial homes. >> potentially the media has played a role in protecting david petraeus and promoting petraeus, and we saw it here tonight. >> plus we have an elbow of the day. this is a personal favorite of mine. a guy i just want to draw elbow on myself. can guess it. tweet us at @tytoncurrent. comedian, political satirist, & acto but first & foremost i'm a new dad. we at current tv are very aware of recent studies
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suggesting that poor diet during the first 1,000 days of human life can cause irreparable harm to our brains and our bodies. that's why "current" has partnered with "1,000 days" to help spread the word & combat a problem that ultimately effects all of us. to see how you can help go to current dot com. brought to you by basf. the chemical company.
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. >> but know, it's too bad that
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it's too late for me to become a general because when i saw what generals get as part of their package, executive jets, palatial homes drivers securities guard, gourmet chefs, like they're all cenk uygur or something. our own michael heyings has been covering this for quite awhile now. he had a chance to sit down with pierce morgan on cnn. >> essentially the media has played a role in protecting david petraeus and promoting david petraeus. we saw it again tonight, a spokesperson in baghdad, who was a roommate with petraeus is on tv defending david petraeus without addressing the real problems with david petraeus' record. you may not get something like that from barbara starr who is a
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spokesperson for the pentagon in many ways. >> michael, you started laughing two-thirds of the way through that one. what do you think when you see that? >> my friend barbara star send me their best wishes, i'm sure. the point i was making and why i made that point is because you have a scandal with general petraeus where it's a sex scandal and almost in any other situation the media would have turned on him and tried to rip him to shreds. but because he's in the military and he has this emperor-like persona around him they treat him very softly. >> let me challenge you on what you said there and what you're saying now. barbara star, pentagon correspondent in cnn, where in journalism is she supposed to be an advocate, and where is she supposed to say where she goes to the press conferences tells what you they said. >> with barbara star in particular.
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she had a reputation if she didn't get her way my best friend is a general and i will complain to them. she would, quote say things that weren't true. that's where i draw the line. if you're going to take a feed from an anonymous source that's not true and put it out there as fact, that's where i would draw the line in terms of you're not doing your job of checking checking it. she covers stories that i reported on without calling me without comment. i take issue. >> tricia rose, the whole idea of the adoration of these generals. i'm going to show you these tweets. all i know is that one of the m american history isfield. no, make that,.y mcctaysa time we need them most. these are the people who were responsible for the surge in
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afghanistan, that was wildly unsuccessful. coming off what michael said, what you feel in terms of what this does to our culture as a whole and the military culture when we're adoring these generals because they're generals. >> it's incredibly problematic. even bigger than these individual cases. the media and journalism--that's really the distinction. are we talking about mass media for entertainment or investigative journalism. they're crafting this national identity. >> trying to--with we're trying to get a binder full of generals. >> yes. this is the issue are we going to hold journalism accountable to be an independent force for democracy, not pandering whether it's military, white house or otherwise. >> those tweets i think are disgraceful. let's be honest. this did someone who is supposed to be covering these people.
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and that is not--that is pr. that's advocacy journalism in the worst way possible. they're not needing an advocate. they already have apparatus spending hundreds of millions of dollars creating their imagine and now they're hearing that it's okay. >> i've heard of the idolization of dwight eisenhower contemporary military history. it wasn't away for a while during the vietnam war. when did it come back? the next general getting ticker tape is general schwarzkopf. >> post 911 you have this season ration of the military and that continues to this day. there are serious foreign policy implications because essentially the more power you give to
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people in uniform, that takes power away from the civilians. once you lose civilian control of the military you have trouble. unless you have an equally powerful civilian branch that can resist that, you'll be in a war for 15 years. >> i think it's similar to the way hospitals n. w but hospitals sayghey that's making it tte but saying is true. we've lost civilian control of our military. >> it's not only that vietnam taught the government how to control the media with what we were unhappy about but the fometation after 9 us unable to critique. all this rah-rah-rah. >> let's not forget the record
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of these guys. in august of 2009 right before the surge which started in september of 2009 2700 attacks. of course, august is the height of fighting over there. august 2012, 3,000. there are more attacks since this mythical surge which saved the war. >> in that same segment of cnn another guest said, general petraeus saying it worked. the wall street journal is saying it worked, but that's not true. when wthis about the general, the perks that they have, but there is a serious perk that we haven't discussed. they literally ran countries. they were the most powerful people in iraq and afghanistan. they actually lived in saddam's old houses. >> they got drunk on the riches. >> it's just a power surge. that's what it is. >> thank you for your insight. coming up we're going to talk
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about black friday and we're going to talk walmart. you may want to watch this before you shop there. >> because my fellow associates have to use our local food pantries. >> we have to borrow money from each other to make it to the next week. >> later on in the show i'm starting a new campaign here fresh off the old one. let's fire dick morris. >> it's going to be a landslide or not but 325-223 is pretty landsliding in my view.
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prosecution by the u.s. department of justice was influenced by the president's former political adviser, karl rove. >> what we need is karl rove to get himself over to the judiciary committee and put his hand on the bible and take an oath and give testimony and he can either tell the truth or take the fifth either one will satisfy me. >> now in prison serving 6.5
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year prison essentially on an bribery scandal. the bribe $500,000 to an initiative that he wanted to create a state lottery that was a quid pro quo to get him on an hospital board. he had already served on the hospital board wanted off the board, did it as a favor and the lottery never happened. it's a crime that he sits in there right now, but this is a story we've been covering for a while. michael tricia, jayar we also have don siegal man's daughter. we've been considering this covering this. where does your dad stand today. >> he has served ten months
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already. i just want--i want to reiterate basically what he said. there was no pro quid pro quo. he was accused of an implied quid pro quo which means an inferred prescribed. we have judges who own companies benefits from the war in iraq and afghanistan. their personal companies this one was doss aviation. it refueled planes. he was awarded a defense contract from the bush administration. and then sold the company under obama. but my father goes to prison for trying to get an education lottery in the state of alabama. >> you're someone who cares about civil rights and justice very, very deeply. when you hear a story like this, what comes to mind?
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what other associations do you have? >> well, the first thing is that we think of political prisoners often in the u.s. in certain types of ways, but this is a fundamental threat not only to your family, but really to the entire united states political system. it's a fundamental threat to democracy that people can just be thrown in jail pretty much willy-nilly and the enormous profits can go on without challenge. it's a very dangerous thing but it's not brand new. we should not be surprised but we should be outraged. >> dana, president obama was just re-elected. good news for the country as your father said to me, but potentially good news for your dad. what's going on right now. tell us about your petition and how your dad could get released from prison. >> i'm trying to educate people about this. i started a petition at www. /par done/par done
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don. i want people to say they not only know about this case but i want them to sign their name. there is power to their voice. whether we take to the streets or not, the fact that we know about it is threatening the regime. it's threatening the status quo. >> this is not a president who has pardoned a lot of people, but i feel in my gut that he's going to pay attention to this now that he's re-elected and he doesn't have political currency to lean on. >> that's what i was wondering. was it hard to keep the story going, when we talked about it before, it would fly under the radar once there was something else to talk about. i'm sure it's an every day battle for you to keep it alive. is it going to get easier now?
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>> five years ago it was pulling teeth to tell people what happened with my dad. i had to go through educating myself. i had to learn the facts. i even questioned whether he was innocent, because you know good men make mistakes. i wanted to know what happened, and i wanted to know why he maintained his innocency. we carry this idea that the courts would right this wrong. so did we. five years later they haven't and people seem to get it now. i don't know if it's because we're more educated or the alternative press that is changing the way we educate ourselves, but what for whatever reason people really get it today, and i'm grateful for that. >> and dana, we're grateful to have you here with us. we wish you god's speed, a happy, if you can thanksgiving. maybe alabama will secede and
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that will make it all go away. there is that hope. when we come back on the "the young turks," we've got the elbow of the day. (vo)answer: pour disaronno into a flute glass and top with prosecco. brought to you by disaronno. be originale.
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[ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. >> eliot spitzer in new york. tell us what you're covering and how you're covering the mideast
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on "viewpoint." >> eliot: we're trying to figure out why this war began, when it did, and if there are any prospects to resolving it, and what are the grievances between hamas and israel. we'll have sam sedar talk to us about the future of the republican party and the president and chief justice and they'll inform us about the middle east. >> always wise, always thoughtful. >> i say that about every guest but he's sitting here next to me. >> yeah, you got to say these things. but everyone should watch "viewpoint." it sound like you have a fantastic show. eliot spitzer on "viewpoint." >> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now.
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>> you know there, was one really ridiculous player in the elections, michael and trish and that was dick morris. this is his major prediction of how the election would turn out. >> it's going to be, well, you can call it a landslide or not but 325-223 is pretty landsliding in my view. >> okay, that was a foolish and ridiculous prediction. he lost. he's allowed to make a bad prediction. he's a journalist, an analyst. let's listen to her justify it. >> i hope people aren't mad about it. i spoke what i believed, and i think that there was a period of time when the romney campaign was falling apart. nobody thought there was a chance of victory and i felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what i said. at the time that i said it i believe that i was right. >> he said that fox news, he said this last week, does not
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have an agenda. if they don't have an agenda they should not have people like that on air saying they have an agenda. they should fire dick morris. the elbow of the day on dick morris. look at me, delivering my first
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